Kateryna Sylaska, Ph.D

Kateryna Sylaska, Ph.D

Dr. Kateryna Sylaska, PhD

Assistant Professor
Psychological Science
Carthage College

Dr. Kateryna Sylaska is an Applied Social and Personality Psychologist and avowed lifelong learner. Her research focuses on how we can use research to inform and improve how we interact in the world. As a social psychologist, she studies and teaches the psychology of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination — the often covert individual and social forces that create and perpetuate systems of bias and oppression. Her research explores how (a) the expression of empathy, (b) positive/negative experiences of social support and help-seeking, and (c) the feeling of belonging all influence the lived experiences of young adults.

Kateryna’s passion for community applications began with her work at a teen peer counseling crisis hotline in Phoenix, Arizona (Teen Lifeline). There, she trained and worked with teens to answer hotline calls and assisted with community outreach and education efforts. Her experiences at Teen Lifeline as a teen peer counselor and eventual hotline supervisor built the foundation of a commitment to evidence-based community work and education.

Kateryna earned her B.A. and M.A. from Northern Arizona University in Psychology. She holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology (emphasis in Social and Personality Psychology) from the University of New Hampshire.